INGLES 4°, 5° Y 6°

november 15th, 2017
5th A.- Conversation class: Practice the song
6C.- To read page 39 and answer 40. Study
vocabulary 1 to 40
6B.- To study vocabulary 1 to 30 and
repeat your mistakes.
4B.- To study vocabulary 1 to 20 cardinal
numbers, ordinal numbers, months and day.

october 30th, 2017
4th B
CONVERSATION.- practice the three paragraphs
1. and the dream
2. and the world
3. Them why do we

october 25th, 2017
5th A Conversation  practice the song
the three first parts

october 24th, 2017
6th B Conversation  practice the song
(sing individualy)

october 23th, 2017
4th B Conversation homework practice the song

OCTOBER 3rd, 4th & 5th, 2017

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